FolioLink Blog Feature

FolioLink Blog Feature

Announcing the new FolioLink blog feature, a simple and effective way to manage news, announcements, testimonials, accolades, behind the scenes previews and other content of interest that benefits from a blog layout. If you already have a blog hosted outside your domain name, you may still find value in this new feature, as it can be adapted for a variety of other applications. This addition to the FolioLink service comes bundled with our Premium and Pro Accounts and can be added on to other account types for a nominal fee.

Quick Video Preview

Take a minute to see how easy it is to manage content with the new FolioLink blog feature.

The Blog Index Page

When site visitors click on your blog link they will see a lists of blog entries or posts on the blog index page. All entries are sorted chronologically and each listing consists of a thumbnail image, a title, a summary description and the date it was posted.

Your website's built-in blog can have any number of blog entries. These entries are displayed in catalog style on the blog index.

The Blog Index Page

Full Blog Post

The full blog post is opened by clicking on any of the listings in the blog index page. The full post shows all the details associated with a specific blog listing.

Adding Additional Images

You can add up to 15 additional images. Each image that appears inside a blog post can have its own title and full description.

The Blog Entry Details Page

Blog Post Sections/Categories

Each blog post may be associated with several system categories. When a blog post is associated with a category such as "Art- Abstract" the category is listed as a quick link throughout your blog. This feature makes it easy for site your visitors to find specific content in your blog.

Blog Entry Sections/Categories

Blog Management

We made the management of your blog area simple and familiar. It is similar to managing a portfolio area. On the left you have the main blog section button and settings and on the right you are able to add blog posts. To edit a post at any time simply click on the edit button.

Uploading Additional Images

Once a blog post is created the right panel is divided in two halves. The top half is dedicated for the blog posts and the bottom half is an upload area for images. Just select a blog post at the top and then upload additional images for that post in the area below. To add titles and full descriptions simply click on the edit button.

Blog Management

Blog Entry Form

The FolioLink blog feature provides familiar features to manage SEO metatags and browser titles. Simply click on the SEO tab to customize each post’s SEO. The categories tab allows you to categorize each post with system categories for medium and subject.

Each blog post has a main image tab. This image is utilized as a thumbnail in the blog index page and as an opening image when the full blog post is accessed. All images in the blog section support our image editor allowing you to customize each image as needed.

Blog Entry Form

Template support for Blogs

When you use the new blog feature with a design created before 2016 you will have the blog link in your site but this link will launch the blog content in a separate blog window. Vienna and other designs created after January 2016 will have direct blog support. With direct blog support, clicking on the blog link does not take you to a separate blog presentation but instead launches the blog content inside of your site just like any other content. The design’s visualizer also allows you to change the fonts, colors and various other design aspects of the blog presentation.

Template support for Blogs

Why use the FolioLink Blog? What if I already have an external Blog?

One of the benefits of having a blog is the ability to add a large amount of text in an area of your site that does not interfere with the marketing goals of your portfolio. This text rich area can greatly enhance search engine visibility. Having a blog through FolioLink is an advantage because it means that all content exists in your primary domain name. It is also by its very nature content that is likely to grow and change. These attributes can greatly enhance the visibility and ranking of your primary FolioLink website.

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