Versailles Promo Page Design

Image courtesy of: Christopher Wilson


This Design allows you to create a wall of thumbnails that are displayed in a container reminiscent of a Polaroid print. The display area can be setup to show a title and social sharing links. When your visitor clicks on a thumbnail a large version of the image is displayed. Each thumbnail can display its own unique text. The Versailles design allows you to easily change colors, thumbnail sizes and the spacing between thumbnails. The title and links appear at the top and remain visible even as you scroll down the page.

Promo Pages are ideal to advertise events, new lines of work, publications, gallery openings, special sales, upcoming workshops, behind the scenes videos, work samples, news and much more. Promo Pages are geared for a direct marketing approach and for rapid social media adoption enabling artists and photographers to easily manage grassroots marketing efforts.

Visit: The FolioLink website for Versailles examples

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