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Market Your Artwork with FolioLink Promo Pages

All FolioLink website accounts include Promo Pages, which are a unique aspect of our website service that enables you to create multiple micro websites in tandem with your main portfolio website. You can use these mini sites to share work, tell your story, create photography client sites, artist promotional websites, marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns and much more!

Recently artist, Kristina Quinones, shared thee ways she uses her FolioLink Promo Pages and why she loves them!

For Art Galleries that I already work with…

Galleries that I work with have their own individual Promo Pages link with their specific gallery name. It’s cool because it shows my work on one page and I can add the pricing. It is helpful for galleries to have an in-house link to my inventory, and it’s helpful for me to remember which paintings I’ve sent them.  

For Art Galleries I want to work with…

I use my Promo Pages for Art Gallery or Show submissions. I send a Promo Page link to galleries that I do not have a relationship with. It’s important to make a good first impression. I need to present my available works in one place and the Promo Pages are great for that. I can add my video to Promo Pages too!

When looking for an art job…

I also use Promo Pages for my CV which I use for teaching positions. I’m currently in the process of finding a job as a college professor. When I send an introductory email to a college I attach all necessary documents required and I make sure to say “Here is a link to my Resume/CV for quick reference.” . I find that this online CV makes it easy for someone to click on instead of downloading an attachment. I can add text, photos, and videos to my CV which makes it stand out.

Using a Promo Page as an online CV
Kristina Quinones CV

How will use FolioLink Promo Pages to market your art and photography?

Share your Promo Pages via email and text messages with a friendly URL. Embed your Promo Pages in external websites or post your Promo Pages in social media sites. Need help from our team? As usual just ask us how!