Introducing Miami An Adaptive/Responsive Website Design

Miami is a fully responsive mobile friendly website design with a sleek new vertical format. This design automatically morphs across all devices, features multiple color themes and comes with a wide array of customization options. Use the new FolioLink Visualizer to choose from different menu styles, create your own custom color scheme, control font selection and size, adjust the logo position, control margins, customize the guest book and much much more!

The Miami front page – three looks. You choose. Set your front page to show a static single image, a slideshow or a scrolling presentation for all of your portfolios. If you choose the portfolio presentation mode you can display introductory text for the portfolio and choose to display 1 to 4 thumbnails from the portfolio on the front page.

View Static Front Page

View Portfolio Presentation Front Page

View Slideshow Front Page

Once inside the site, the Miami design can be set to show a thumbnail preview of all of the images in a portfolio or the design can be set to display large single images bypassing the thumbnail preview.

The Miami design publishes text under each image.  If you have a lot of important text and/or you are offering your work for sale, you will love the easy access to pricing and shopping cart buttons. Like other FolioLink designs, image labels, information, and ecommerce features can be turned on or off.

Image Title and Info Display - This example shows little text, but image descriptions can be lengthy

Image Title and Info Display – This example shows little text, but image descriptions can be lengthy

Pricing Display

Pricing Display

Access the Visualizer to control popular settings such as the menu and image display. Menu options for this design include showing links to all portfolios or collapsing portfolio links under category headings. Images in portfolios can be set to show a thumbnail overview of all the portfolio contents or thumbnails can be turned off for single image display.

Try Miami today!