CR 02 by Lake Roberson Newton

Congratulations to Lake Roberson Newton

CollexArt is pleased to announce the result of their call to artists titled Color Sense. The Purchase Award winner is FolioLink member Lake Roberson Newton, a contemporary artist based in Tennessee who employs various digital media to create his photographic works. 

With the Color Sense call for entries, CollexArt sought the submission of artworks that clearly shared the artist’s personal and intuitive use of color. Lake Roberson Newton’s vibrant pigment print titled, CR 02,  stood out for its dynamic and bold use of color, concept and composition. 

Newton’s work CR 02, which is part of the artist’s series called ‘Celebration Redux’, is a response to some of Jeff Koons’s statements about his Balloon Dog sculptures. Newton wanted to reverse Koons’ notion that because the sculptures are full of air they reflect the condition of being alive. As a whimsical take on Koons’s work, Newton imagined deflated works where the air was removed from the sculpture, leaving a compressed and lifeless mass. The intense pure pink background paired with the metallic crumpled plastic mass firmly places this work in a pop art style. 

Recipients of the CollexArt Purchase Award are entered as finalists for the annual Collexart Grand Prize.

Artists of any nationality may apply for the Purchase Award.

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