How Did He Get That Shot?

Could a dog in heat help you get that shot? According to Keith Barraclough it may be just the thing.

Longtime FolioLink client, Keith Barraclough, was kind enough to share some words about the challenges of a dog breed photo shoot assignment for Animal Planet. The concept for the shoot was to capture the dog’s personalities. He was given full creative license for the shoot. His task was to photograph all 164 AKC sanctioned breeds in five days. The first surprising challenge he encountered was getting the dog owners and handlers to agree to have their dogs photographed. Other challenges included finding a venue and once there, finding and getting all the dogs on set. Tracking down all of the breeds for the shoot took a lot of coordination, but the most challenging aspect was taking the photos. Smaller breeds were a ball of energy and wouldn’t sit still and some of the larger ones had trouble staying focused or became skittish when the strobes fired. Trying to make all the breeds look attentive with personality took time and patience.

“Since we only had a few minutes with each, every shot counted. We came up with many “inventive” ways to get the dogs to sit still or to have them look in a certain direction (e.g. squeaky toys, throwing food in a certain direction or having a dog in heat on the set – yes we really did that)! “
K. B.