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Miami Mobile

Announcing Miami Mobile

Happy with your current FolioLink website design, but want a fresh look for smart phones and tablets? You can now use the new Miami design as a shadow mobile option….

Image Editor

Universal Image Editor

The FolioLink team recently undertook a significant effort to streamline the workflow of the Image Editor. The new Image Editor is HTML based, supports various devices including tablets, and gives…

Of Beards and Men

Funding a Personal Project with 440 Supporters on Kickstarter

In 2013 Crowdfunding generated over 5.1 billion worldwide (Wikipedia), precisely the year when Foliolink client Joseph D.R. OLeary launched his Kickstarter campaign with wild success. This accomplishment followed on the…

Berlin Light

Going Beyond My Comfort Zone

Robynne Limoges, a longtime FolioLink photographer, talks about the risks and rewards of pushing oneself to take on new challenges, the most emphatic of which was moving from infrared black…

Imagery by Steve Dreyer

Steve Dreyer’s “Presence of Light” Exhibit

Steve Dreyer’s “Presence of Light” collection is the photographer’s latest fine art solo exhibit, currently being shown on Madison Avenue in New York City (see details on his website, address…

Expired Statement

New Photo Project by Kerry Mansfield

Kerry Mansfield’s latest photographic series reminds us of what we are quietly losing as we move progressively into the digital age:  “Expired pays homage to the well-traveled, time-worn faces of…

Oil Painting by Philip Frey

Making Art, Marketing It and Being Happy Doing It – By Philip Frey

I would like to explore the business side of being an artist (from the perspective of a painter), specifically, what I do to promote my work. To be very clear,…


Lisa A. Frank Shares Her Approach to Image Construction

For the last seven years I have been making large scale photographs derived from nature related subject matter. Densely ornamental, my artwork draws upon my textile design background and refers…

Judy Miller Constructs

Constructing the Form and Content of an Image – Judy Miller

©2014 Judy L. Miller When creating an image for my ongoing Constructs series I work intuitively. My images are best described as photo assemblages, which are composed from three or…


The New Image Resizer

Many of you have noticed a new button that is now part of the management area for your portfolios. The new Set Image Sizes button allows you to easily control…